Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6 Months

Its hard to believe, but Samuel is 6 months old today. Time has gone so fast and he has changed so much. He has an amazing personality - always smiling and talking. He lights up when he sees me and it makes my heart melt. He is also so in love with his big brother and big brother is so in love with him. Whenever Samuel sees Davis, he starts laughing because he knows that Davis will play with him. Davis cannot go to sleep without giving Samuel a kiss good night. Davis adjusted to having a new person in the family so much better than I thought he would and I pray that they continue to get along so well and become great friends.

Samuel doesn't go in for his 6 month appointment until next Monday so I'll update then with his exact weight and height but according to my scale, he is 18lbs as of this morning. I am putting together a letter to send to R. It is the last update that she asked for when she signed her papers. We are going to leave the door open for her in case she wants additional contact at a later date.

Now for a few things that Samuel is doing:

- He easily rolls from his back to his tummy. He still hates it on his tummy and usually starts crying pretty quickly. He is starting to realize that he can just roll back over and make it better.

- He is working really hard on sitting up from a laying position. Whenever he is on his back, he is lifting his head and shoulders up. I know that one morning pretty soon I am going to go to get him out of his crib and he'll be sitting up. We are already talking about lowering his mattress.

- He loves to stand while holding onto our hands and definitely puts weight on his legs. He has actually taken a few "steps" while I was holding his hands.

- He has two teeth. They popped overnight without too much fanfare.

- He started solids. He usually gobbles up his cereal and his stage one food (a whole container of it) when he gets it in the evening. He has done rice cereal, squash, carrots and sweet potatoes. The next food on our doctor's list is bananas and we'll be trying that soon.

- He loves to babble. He says da da da all of the time and we are trying to teach him when to use it. It is so cute when he "talks".

- When I started writing this I wrote that he is generally sleeping all night. For 6 nights in a row, he went down around 7:45 and did not wake up until 7ish. The last two nights he has started waking again (and last night he woke up twice). I am hoping the night wakings are a fluke and we go back to the 11 hour stretches.

Now for some pictures:


Jessica said...

Oh, those pictures! What a cutie!

He's got hair like Colt's...don't you just love it?!

He's so, so cute!

Shamae said...

Fun pics! He is adorable Kelly!! Look at those eyes!

are things complicated yet? said...

OMG HE IS SO CUTE!! Look at that hair!!

serenity said...

Oh goodness, he is ADORABLE. I love the picture of him in the bouncer!!