Thursday, July 22, 2010


We have had a lot going on since my last update.  Davis left for a visit with his grandparents (Chris' parents) in Birmingham, AL on Friday, July 16.  He will not be home until July 27 and I already miss him like crazy.  He is having a fantastic time.  Yesterday, he and his granddaddy saw Despicable Me and the day before that they drove to Huntsville to visit the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.  He got to ride on rockets and see a Star Wars exhibit.  I am pretty sure that Davis is going to be bored to death when he gets back home.  The good news is that we leave for vacation in Disneyworld just a little while after he gets home and he'll get to see his grandparents again.  I am posting this at work so I cannot upload any pictures but hopefully when Davis gets home, I'll have lots of pictures from his trip to be able to post.

Samuel is being his typical super-cute self.  He is still so busy with everything.  His vocabulary has been exploding lately.  Its so cute to hear him say new words.  He is going to school 3 days a week and seems to be thriving there.  He is learning a lot and making new friends.

I turned 40 (gasp!) years old on Friday, July 16.  At first I was all depressed about it but realize now that its just another day.  I did pamper myself with a pedicure and a 110 minute massage that was heavenly.  On Saturday we had a sitter that stayed with Samuel all night (first time we've ever done that) while Chris and I headed up the road an hour to Oklahoma to WinStar casino for a fun night out.  We went to a nice dinner, saw Bowling for Soup and Better than Ezra in concert, and lost money at the casino.  It was nice to get away and both Samuel and the sitter seemed no worse for the wear when we arrived home on Sunday morning.

We've made a lot of progress on the adoption front.  It took a while for our dossier to be fully authenticated by the Rwandan embassy but we received it back yesterday and today it is officially on its way to our power of attorney in Rwanda who will deliver it to the Minister's office so we can officially be DTR (dossier to Rwanda).  We are in the waiting stage now and it could be quite a while (I am thinking a year or so) before we hear anything. 

Sorry for such a long and boring post but we've had a lot going on and I have not updated in forever.