Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Two Months and Counting

Our profile has now been up for two months and we still have not heard anything. I obsess over our profile count (although I know that a majority of the hits are other prospective adoptive parents looking at profiles so they can do theirs). I read D a Tarzan book yesterday and was able to use it to explain adoption to him. I am not sure he understood but at least it is a start. How do you explain such a concept to a 4 year old? If anyone has dealt with that, I'd appreciate some advice.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to Las Vegas for a work trip. I had a great time and discovered that I am actually pretty good at Texas Hold'em. I actually won our work-sponsored tournament and got a nice prize.

I have also discovered that old habits die hard. Even though we are extremely excited about adding to our family through adoption, I still keep track of cm and try to time things right just in case. DH went in our hot tub yesterday and I raised my voice at him about it. Of our three pregnancies, two have been DIY so I still have hope.

We took D to his first college football game this past weekend - SMU vs. Tulane (I went to Tulane for law school). The game was fun but D hit a wall right after half time and didn't really pay attention to the game. I think we'll hold off for another few years before we try that again. We'd love to take him to an LSU game (undergrad for both me and DH). Nothing beats Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night!

I realize that this post is all over the place but I hadn't posted in a while so thought I'd post an update.