Monday, February 22, 2010

Another step closer

We had our home study visit this past Saturday and it went really well.  We should have the final report in 30 days or so.  We have to gather a few more items for the report and send them to our social worker but we will be done with this part really soon.   The best news is that since we were a client of his from our prior adoption, he charged us much less than he would normally charge for a new international home study. 

Even though we had been through the home study process before, I still fretted about the house being perfect (which is nearly impossible with a 6 year old and an 18 month old tearing it apart as fast as I can pick things up).  We had a really nice visit together, then he talked to Davis by himself (I evesdropped on the questions - mostly he asked Davis about our discipline methods and whether he was excited about having another brother) and finally talked to me and Chris individually.  The last part was a safety inspection and since our house is already baby proofed that was no problem at all.

Our social worker did warn us about the Dallas office of USCIS.  They are notoriously slow in processing the i600s and usually send back letters saying the application is not complete without including a name/number to call for more information.  Typical government bureaucracy!  Nothing that I didn't already know but still upsetting.  I really want to get our dossier into Rwanda by July but it will totally be out of my hands.