Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Things are going really well. Samuel has started to sleep about 7 hours straight at night (too bad it starts at 8 pm but it is definitely an improvement). I start back to work tomorrow. I know I will miss both my boys like crazy but it will be good to be back.

A few pictures from Halloween:

Sir Davis:

Clone Trooper Davis (he wore one costume to his school party and one to trick or treat):

Samuel the Ghost (this is what he thought of the whole Halloween thing):


laurawh said...

Too cute!! I can't believe it is time for you to go back to work already! Man, time flies! I don't know how it lets me post so many pictures. I just keep hitting the insert picture button. I do them one at a time! I know, the week wore me out! The week before with the birthday and party did not help at all! Needless to say I have been lazy since yesterday afternoon!

Shamae said...

So cute! I love both of Davis' costumes! Samuel is so sweet! Congrats on the 7 hours straight of sleep!

beagle said...

Both handsome and adorable!

Debbie B said...

Adorable little ghost. Davis looks great in both. I love the serious look with the clone costume.

texasholly said...

So cute. we had a clone trooper here as well.

Thanks so much for commenting on my pumpkin patch post. I am trying to find as many bloggers in this area as I can because I am in the process of setting up a local website that will include a blogroll, etc. for moms in this area.

Please email me if you know of any more!

Your sweet baby is just the cutest. ever!