Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3 Month Update and Lots of Pictures

Sorry I havn't posted for so long but I am back to work now and things are really busy. Chris is staying home with Samuel for now and it is working out well. I spoke too soon in my last post about Samuel sleeping for 7 hours straight. We can usually get one 5 - 6 hour stretch but that is about it. I know he'll start sleeping better soon so for now I am just enjoying my time with him at night since he is so cute and full of smiles all of the time. He is also not a great napper. He likes to take several short cat naps but does not really take a long nap or two during the day. It makes Chris' days more difficult but I know Samuel will get better with that too.

Samuel turned 3 months old yesterday. I cannot believe he has been with us that long. Time is going so fast. Just three more months and we'll be able to finalize his adoption. We are in the process of pulling together a set of pictures and writing a letter to send to R. She asked for a letter and pictures at 3 months and again at 6 months. I am have a hard time with the letter because I am sure that she is still struggling with everything that she went through and I do not want to open any wounds. I hope she enjoys seeing his pictures though.

We took Davis and Samuel to Portrait Innovations on Sunday for formal portraits (3 month pictures for Samuel and 5 year (a little late) pictures for Davis). We also did some holiday photos. Here are some of the better pictures (Samuel was way more interested in eating his hands than smiling but we got a few cute ones).


Shamae said...

Great pics! The boys are adorable and that is a fabulous family pic!! Glad things are going well! Take care.

laurawh said...

The boys are super cute!!! Great pictures! Don't worry, he will be on a good sleep schedule in no time I am sure! I pray that God will give you the words to put in the letter to R and that she has peace that Samuel is so loved!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Great pictures! I am sure you are so happy with the two boys!

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Merry Christmas!
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