Saturday, September 6, 2008

Well Check

We took Samuel to our pediatrician for a well check last Thursday (Sept. 4, 12 days old). I don't think it was necessary since he saw a pediatrician in Georgia before we left but I wanted our doctor to check him out just to be sure things were going ok. He is doing great. His weight was up to 9 lb 3 oz (50-75%), his length was 22 inches (90-95%), and his head circumference was 14 inches (25%). They were impressed with his weight gain. At this rate, he'll be out of his 0 - 3 month clothes really soon. He wore one of Davis' outfits yesterday and it fit him perfectly. The outfit was worn by Davis in his 3 mo pictures.

We are starting to get into a routine. I am still really tired but functioning pretty well. Things are great. Davis is adjusting really well to being a big brother. Now, just to organize the house!


Debbie B said...

He's growing so fast. Good to hear Davis is enjoying being a big brother.

From Carlys Eyes said...

Hey, i will help you organize one monday if you will let me hold your babe for a little while. I have mondays off from jess, her grandma takes her.

A'Dell said...

OMG - I skip out on my reader for a few weeks and look what I missed!!

Congratulations! He is beautiful and I am so exited for you and your family!