Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Last Ditch Effort

I finally heard back from my RE's office. My FSH level was 9.4 and my estradiol level was 49. The FSH is a tad higher than he likes (he prefers under 8.5) but its not abnormally high unless its 10 or higher. Also, since they only saw one antral follicle on the US, they do not recommend IVF. My last option is to have additional surgery to attempt to remove the adhesions that are causing my ovary to be trapped against the pelvic wall. I have a consult with a surgeon next week to get his thoughts on whether additional surgery is worth it. This doctor is supposedly a phenomenal surgeon and a lot of doctors send their more difficult cases of pelvic adhesions and endometriosis to him. My RE said that if we can free the ovary and elimimate most of the adhesions that I will at least have a chance of conceiving with an IUI cycle. I figure its worth the consult. Wish me luck!


r_is_moody said...

Good luck. I hope the surgeon has good news for you!

beagle said...

Wishing you lots of luck!