Friday, November 23, 2007

8 Kids and Counting

While C's parents were in town for Thanksgiving, I learned that one of C's cousin's wife is pregnant with her 8th (yes that is eighth) baby. She is going to have 8 kids 9 and under! Only two of them are twins. They can't afford to take care of the ones they have but do not see anything wrong with procreating again. Given that my MIL and grandmother in law know about the adoption, I did let it slip that I thought it was unfair that C and I couldn't have another child but they can have 8 kids that they can't really take care of. They both agreed whole-heartedly so that made me feel a little better.

Other than that, our Thanksgiving was really nice. C's parents and grandmother are so great with D and even though he only gets to see them a few times of the year, he adores them too.

I hope everyone had a nice day.


Shamae said...

Glad D had fun with C's family. Sorry to hear about C's cousin. I don't understand things like that either and I would be bugged too. That is rough. I will keep praying that a birth mother finds your family and realizes what wonderful, sweet, caring people you are.

Tracy said...

UGH. So sorry you had to come face to face with that.

I have a 26 year old cousin who just got news that he and his wife are pregnant with their 4th child in as many years as my husband and I have been TTC. It sucks. I feel the same way as you do.