Friday, August 10, 2007

Saw the RE and Other Musings

I saw the RE on Wed. It was a really short appointment - less than 15 minutes total. We decided that the next step would be to do the clo.mid challenge again to see how my second FSH number looks. When I did the challenge back in Jan., both numbers were fine. Truthfully I am not even sure why I am doing this other than to have a definitive answer as to why my ovary (yes, I only have one working ovary) stopped working out of the blue.

C gets his hard cast on his foot today so I will be taking off work this afternoon to bring him to the doctor. We are going to do lunch first so that will be nice.

I have been feeling really blue lately - I have no idea why. I can't focus at work and am exhausted when I get home. I don't want to work out and have been eating horribly. Whatever has me in a funk, I hope to shake it soon.

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The Town Criers said...

Thank you for that comment on my blog. It makes you feel less crappy when you know other people are having the same thoughts. While they don't make the thoughts go away, they at least make coping with them easier.

I'm sorry that you're in a funk. And I hope it passes soon.