Friday, July 13, 2007

First Adoption Steps

Once we decided to go the adoption route, we did things very quickly. It was early May when we made the decision (but we had been talking about it since before D was born when we were having troubles getting pg the first time). I did a ton of internet research and we requested more information from a couple of agencies and/or facilitators. Once we chose our facilitator, we immediately started the home study process. Our social worker came out to our house in mid-June and just mailed out our report yesterday - I can't wait to read it. We are currently in the process of writing our Dear Birthmother letter and resume pages and pulling lots of pictures together for our website. I have set a personal goal of having all of that complete by the end of July so we can be up and running on the web by the end of August.

Its been really hard finding pictures of me and C (without D) within the last few years since all of our pictures in the past few years have included D. Hopefully we picked some good ones and the mother of our future baby will like them.

Once we get up and running on the website, we just wait for a match.


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