Monday, November 21, 2011

Rwanda Day 1

After almost 24 hours (18 on three different planes), we arrived at Kigali International Airport last night around 7 pm local time. Our POA, Fidele, picked us up and brought us to our hotel. We started bright and early this morning with a visit to the secor to sign the Act of Adoption. We were delayed a bit while we waited for the nuns but we ran some errands during the wait. When Fidle got word the the nuns were at sector, we headed there. The Act of Adopion form is in a huge book. We signed it and waited just a bit longer for it to be signed. Fidle tells us that we were really lucky to get it signed so quickly.

After sector, we headed to the bank so Fidle couldd pay the fees for our court hearing. Once paid we headed to court to get a hearing date. We are set for tomorrow morning at 8 am and hoping and praying for a quick ruling.

After court we grabbed some lunch then went to Home of Hope to see our guy. Oh my, is he cute! I can't wait to share pictures once we pass court. The nuns told us that he likes to eat and you can tell. I am hoping he'll fit in the clothes we brought.

We are probably going to move hotels tomorrow to one offering a suite for $30 less per night. So far things are going really well. Praying that things continue.


A'Dell said...

I'm so excited for you guys! WOO WOO! Can't wait to see pictures and hear more about him and Kigali.

Parenthood for Me said...

How exciting. Can't wait for pics.