Thursday, March 5, 2009

Losing His First Tooth

Davis has lost his first tooth! On Sunday evening, we were putting a puzzle together and I thought he had something stuck on this tooth and when I looked closer, noticed there was no tooth. Thankfully, the tooth wasn’t lost, though for a little while, we thought it might be. It had fallen out during dinner, and was still in the dinette, sitting on Davis’s chair. We cleaned it up, and helped him ready it for the Tooth Fairy that evening.




serenity said...

Aw wow! When I had loose teeth I used to MAKE them come out bu wiggling it as much as I could. I can't imagine it falling out and not noticing.

He looks so proud!

DD said...

It's the first tooth XBoy lost (I mean in that location - not that your son is holding XBoy's first lost tooth...that'd be weird).