Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I promised an update

It is looking more and more like we will be meeting our baby soon. We were selected by a birthmom (R) in Georgia to parent her baby. Our best estimate is that she is due on August 14 but she just went to her first prenatal appointment this past Saturday and they did not do an ultrasound so I am not sure about that due date. We had our match call yesterday and it went really well. R said she was secure in her decision to place the child for adoption and was praying a lot for peace. There is a langauge issue as R only speaks Spanish so we had a translator from our agency on the call. She has another doctor's appointment this coming Friday and an ultrasound this coming Saturday. We currently have weekly calls scheduled every Monday to find out about her doctor's appointments and how she is progressing. C and I are very anxious to find out the gender of the baby so we can go shopping. We gave away a lot of our baby stuff to a family member so we need to buy a new car seat, bassinet, and a lot of other stuff. Obviously if its a girl we have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Once R goes into labor, C, D and I will hop in the car and drive 15 hours to Georgia. We have to stay in Georgia for about 2 weeks after the baby is born to deal with the inter-state issues. D's birthday party (he is turning 5!) is scheduled for August 9 so if we are already in Georgia at that time, C and D will probably fly home for his party.

This is getting long and wordy but as you can tell, we have a lot on our plates and are struggling to clean out our junk room so we can totally rearrange all of the bedrooms in our house. Good news is that the baby will be in our room for a few months so we have some time to get all of that done.

Although we are excited, we are not as excited as I thought we would be. I think we are too worried about R changing her mind or something else happening to mess this up to be super excited. We have guarded hearts. We are praying a lot for R and the baby and I know that things will work out the way they are supposed to.


beagle said...

Our SW always called this cautiously optimistic . . . which is hard to achieve!

Wishing all involved the very best . . .

Debbie B said...

Good to hear the calls are going well. I'll keep you all in prayer as you wait for the baby to arrive.
Have fun shopping!