Saturday, December 1, 2007


I broke down and POAS but got a BFN! I am not surprised but still really disappointed. I am now trying to decide if I want to cycle again next month or take some time off from officially ttc and focus on the adoption and getting healthy.

At a church function tonight we went around the room to say what we were thankful for during the past year. I started crying when it was my turn (I am such a stupid sap) and told everyone that I am most thankful for D. Everyone at the party knows about my IF struggles and the adoption so hopefully they understood why I was crying!


Retrophisch said...

You're not a stupid sap. And I'm sure everyone knew why. Your wearing your emotions on your sleeve is just one of the many reasons I love you...

Tracy said...

Sorry about your BFN. It's never, never easy to see.

I hope 2008 is nicer to you.

r_is_moody said...

Sorry about your BFN. Also, sorry I am just now reading this.

I too hope 2008 is a great year. And that next year you will have too many things to be thankful for.